5 Tips to Properly Clean Electronic Gadgets in Your Office

Know how to clean your equipment correctly and increase the life of your products 

What are the tips for cleaning electronic devices that you follow in your company? This may seem like a secondary issue, but if you don’t pay attention to the correct way to get the dirt out of your products, it may even be that you damage them further and shorten their life.

And we’re not just talking about the dust that easily accumulates on the surface of some equipment. There are also problems related to the fat on the hands, which over time becomes a source of accumulation of germs and bacteria. Therefore, more than being an act that values ​​your health, frequent cleaning, done correctly, can also contribute to making electronics last longer.

Are you doing things right at your company? In this article, we have five tips on how to properly clean your office equipment.

1. Do not use abrasive products

One of the temptations people have when cleaning an electronic is to use alcohol or bleach to facilitate the removal of dirt. This can even be valid for other surfaces, but in the case of electronic equipment, the recommendation is to avoid them at all costs.

That’s because alcohol can be considered quite aggressive for electronics, as it is able to penetrate the plastic and screen of devices, leaving them stained or dry. In addition, bleaches also have a high PH, which can cause adverse reactions on more delicate surfaces.

2. Use specific fabrics for cleaning

When wiping a cloth over the equipment, avoid choosing fabrics that can attack the surface or loosen hairs and lint, resulting in scratches and dirt on the products. The best option is to resort to clothes dedicated to electronics. It is also important that you do not apply liquids or chemicals directly to the devices.

Clean with continuous circular motions. If you don’t have a fabric like this on hand, use paper towels as a second option. Avoid other types of fabric and paper, as they may even be able to clean, but there is a risk that they will damage the products in the medium and long term.

3. Pay special attention to keyboards

The keyboard of your notebook or PC is the point of your electronics that should receive special care. It’s not enough to just wipe it over and think it’s clean. You must pay attention to the space between the keys and also to the gaps in each of the keys.

One tip is to use masking tape over the keyboard. When removing it, a lot of dirt will be glued, making cleaning between the keys easier. To remove the crumbs and dust that fall into the keyholes, it is best to use a mini vacuum cleaner or an air spray. There are specific templates to facilitate this type of cleaning.

4. Remove dirt from cables with a school eraser

When carrying out general cleaning, you must also pay attention to the cables. They are often on the floor or behind furniture and accumulate a lot of dirt. The first step is to disconnect them from the electronics and also wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

White or grey cables usually turn yellow and look aged over time. You can make them look nicer by running a school eraser over them. This will allow you to erase some impurities, without the need to use liquids that could damage the accessory.

5. Have isopropyl alcohol in your office

The main liquid to use when cleaning electronics is isopropyl alcohol. It is a type of alcohol that has less than 1% water in its composition. For this reason, it is more efficient in removing oil from electronics and does not harm the plastics and metals of the equipment.

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