How to install a digital converter?

Find out how simple it is to activate the digital converter on your TV and ensure a better quality picture of channels in your region 

The end of the analogue TV signal is a reality for Brazilians. Anatel expects it to be completely turned off by 2023, but in many cities, this has already happened. Therefore, to continue receiving the signal from the open TV channels normally on your old TV, you need to have a converter. But do you know how to install a digital converter?

There are many manufacturers that offer this option on the market, but one of the most attractive models is Multilaser. The Multilaser RE207 is one of the models with the best cost-benefit ratio, costing just over R$ 100 and being compatible with practically all TV models.

In this article, we’ll see step by step how simple it is to install a digital converter on your TV:

Installing your digital converter

Step 1: First you need to connect the cables that come with the product. The first one is the P2/RCA cable, which must have one of its ends connected to the digital converter and the other to the TV. If your TV has an HDMI input, you can still use this connection option.

Step 2: Now, just plug the digital converter socket into power and that’s it. Everything is installed and you can start the setup process.

Setting up the digital converter

Step 3: When you turn on the device, an option will pop up asking which setting language you want to use. Choose Portuguese and go ahead.

Step 4: Then choose the country of origin. This will make it easier to search for channels.

Step 5: Finally, choose the option “Search channels” and press the OK button to start the search. The system will automatically find all available channels in the region and save them, in order of frequency.

Step 6: So, after the process is completed, use the remote control of your Multilaser digital converter to switch between channels. It’s simple and practical and this whole process won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Get to know the technical sheet of the Multilaser RE207 digital converter

  • Compatible with any TV set
  • USB connection: for recording and displaying media.
  • HDMI connection
  • Scheduled recording (use pen drive or external hard drive)
  • schedule grid
  • Media player: access to images, music and videos
  • Parental Control Function: Take control of the schedule and block channels to prevent your children from watching unwanted content
  • High Definition 1080p HD: High definition images with digital TV signal transmission
  • Media Player: allows access to music, videos and images, in addition to playing the main formats
  • Black colour
  • Dimensions: 2.8 cm x 8.8 cm x 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects
  • Package contents: 1 digital converter, 1 AV cable, 1 HDMI cable, 1 remote control (uses 2 AAA batteries, not included), 1 power supply and 1 quick guide

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