8 secrets to rank your online store on Google

Google’s secret to rank web pages based on the search is entirely in page optimization, SEO. Detailed strategies vary and elaborate the difference when search engine algorithms analyze the probability of a result. 

Each of these factors has its reasons, always with basic pillars like content relevance, uniqueness, user experience of the page, potential to attract more customers and a number of other key points you need to think about.

Each of these Google secrets, in the context of e-commerce, considers factor recognition an advantage to retain customers, so they understand that the page is a reference in the segment. It’s critical to think about it. This reliability is also one of the consequences of optimizing your website. 

Google’s 8 secrets are precisely the factors that influence the position of a virtual store in search engines. Discovering these secrets and working to meet each of these optimizations is to ensure the page’s relevance.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta Title

The Meta Title tag corresponds to the title displayed on the search engine. When you search and view the results, they are displayed as Title, URL and Description, because the title meta tag is just that! So it’s easy to see that flashy and catchy headlines increase the likelihood that users will click on your page.

Meta Description

As the name says, Meta Description is the tag that manages the description of the page content and summarizes all the content that is on the page when we are on the search result page. In addition to the title, the description makes the visitor want to know more about your product by clicking on the link. This click is free, so you won’t get paid as a sponsored link and it’s a great strategy to attract qualified customers.

Product’s name

The name is the foundation of a successful brand. Even products of exceptional quality can be difficult to connect with the public unless their names are effective, unique and embody the spirit of the product.

Therefore, choose a creative, personalized product name that shows your market differential. This is another secret for the customer to find your online store more easily. 

Description of products

The complete product description is so important that it cannot be the basics , giving clear and accurate information about the product is essential to avoid further doubts. For this to be very complete, it must be explaining what the object is made of, materials, weight data, dimensions, warranty, performance, etc. Think of all the data that can be questioned. 

Mainly, highlighting the differences and explaining why customers should choose your product, this will make all the difference in the user’s decision-making process, so be careful in this regard. 

friendly URLs

URLs hide some of Google’s unimaginable secrets. After all, who thought the website address would affect the page’s position in search results? 

It’s common to find confusing URLs filled with repeated letters and numbers that the user doesn’t intend to understand. Many of them are automatically generated, so they look like codes that are very difficult to decipher. However, it is possible to act at this stage by making them friendly and representative. 

It is imperative that online stores are responsible for ​​identifying personalized URLs according to the content of each page and referring exactly to what is there. For example, if a user is looking for tips to create a virtual store, it is important to define the URL as follows: tips.com/creating-a-virtual-store. 

Captions and alt text attributes of product photos

Instead of text, many users look for images related to their interests to visit the source site. Google also uses these images to rank descriptions, and it’s also a way to attract users.

All images used on the website can be a feed source for potential customers. All thanks to the description of the alt text attribute. This is better suited to Google’s algorithms in the search process, for example, prioritizing e-commerce and using this feature associated with product photos.

Many of the product images found in the search are linked to Google Shopping results, and when users click on these links, they go directly to your online store. Adding keywords to this descriptive text is also important to improve the ranking of your content when searching Google.


Pages that are too deep and inaccessible are usually not indexed by search engine bots. 

This category of Sitemap (sitemap) allows you to index more pages of your e-commerce, making them easier to find in search engines. As a result, visits to your website will increase.

Does having a full Sitemap affect Google search? Yes. 

The impact comes in two ways: basic features that make it easy to scan and index pages, and the described page hierarchy that can affect rankings. 

Basically, a well-designed Sitemap for your webshop makes it easy for Google bots to recognize your content and understand who you are and who your company is .


The favicon serves as a visual guide for your website and improves the user experience. It helps viewers find tabs on your site in various applications, such as browsers and bookmark bars and makes it easy for you to return to your site over and over again.

Link Building

Link building is a set of SEO strategies designed to build a network of links on a page to drive traffic and improve search engine permissions.

These links can be external or internal. However, when it comes to link building, we usually think of external links, that is, links taken from other pages. This is also known as backlink or inbound links.


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