Discover 3 initiatives for startup acceleration

Acceleration of startups: did you know that there are initiatives that aim to accelerate this type of company, through training?  In this article, we will talk about three accelerators, which empower startup entrepreneurs and also bring an overview of the startup market and the importance and role of this type of business. Read on!

Growth of startups

Startups are companies that develop innovative and easily scalable ideas. They are characterized by exponential growth and also by low costs compared to the profit earned

 According to ABStartups, in short, the great growth in the number of startups was registered in 2018, when the country reached the mark of 10,000 companies like these. This year, the first Brazilian unicorn appeared the 99 Taxi.

Therefore, most of them have been operating for more than six years and 2,148 are in the traction phase, considered the last stage before becoming consolidated companies. Most of them work in the education market, 8.66% .  The most explored business model is Saas – Software as a Service, that is, software development and commercialization, which appears in more than 41.20%. Thus, the main target audience ends up being B2B, that is, business between companies, for 47.76% of them. All this is according to Startupbase data. 

In this context, there are also the partners that promote this model. Examples are Itaú’s CUBO, the largest innovation HUB in Latin America, which appeared in 2015 and Google’s 6th Campus, which was installed in Brazil in 2016. The latter is an open coworking, which promotes events training and connects entrepreneurs from their different campuses. 

Role and importance of startups

Thus, startups not only change the lives of their founders: they impact the lives of millions of people around the world, transforming the way customers interact with traditional products and services, which are drastically altered by new entrants to the market. Soon, startups also changed the fate of incumbent companies that offer such products and services.

See the case of the traditional Taxi. For example, before, it was necessary to call or be lucky enough to find a car available on the streets, without counting the expensive price and poor quality, in some cases. Currently, with Uber and or 99, just a click is enough: you pay less, you can evaluate the driver and, among other functions, even share a trip with another person.

Another well-known example is Nubank. You’ve certainly heard about the super cool roxinho bank, which revolutionized the relationship between people and banks. Above all, the foundation of these companies is always technology and innovation, which brings newness to the entire world.

As a result, there is also a big impact on the job market: according to data from the Kauffman Foundation, they are responsible for the creation of more than 50% of jobs worldwideIn other words, for this growth to be possible, they have initiatives that aim to accelerate their development.

3 Initiatives to Accelerate Startups 

Above all, accelerating a company means offering resources and opportunities , whether financial, technological or knowledge, that it would not have if it were alone in the market. 

Meet the innovative Impact 2021

The startup acceleration program InovAtiva Impacto 2021 lasts up to 6 months and offers training, mentoring and connection to startup entrepreneurs. This year, 80 innovative businesses will be selected that aim to generate a positive social or environmental impact.

Thus, 40 of them will be selected to participate in the program, which is open for registration until the 28th of June this year. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the chosen startups will participate in the innovative Experience: an event where they will present their ideas to a bank of investors and large accelerator companies.

In this context, among the partners of innovative Impact 2021 are Google Cloud, Microsoft, Pipefy, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Conta Azul and Agender.

Check out the Elo7 and Sebrae training

Sebrae is a private entity known for stimulating entrepreneurship, competitiveness and sustainable development in micro and small business ventures. Soon, in partnership with Elo7, it developed a training program. The program aims to foster innovation in sales and even how to manage productivity well.

As a result, the goal of this initiative is to develop, professionalize and formalize entrepreneurs. Thus, they will be equipped with technical, theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out the financial and marketing planning of the businessEnrollments can be made through a form available on the Sebrae website, while the deadline for enrollment is by type of course chosen, until June 20, 2021 .

Discover Scale-Up Endeavor Retail

Endeavour’s Scale-Up Acceleration Program opens every five months, with applications for different sectors and regions of Brazil. Within this initiative is another one, aimed only at retail, the Scale-up Endeavor Varejo.

Sponsored by Arezzo & CO through ZZ Ventures, it provides individual mentoring and meetups with the biggest players in the retail market. Then, those chosen will have contact with Sergio Zimerman, CEO of Petz, and Luiza Helena Trajano, Chairman of the Board of Magazine Luiza.

Registration is open on Endeavor’s website and the accelerator will select 12 companies from the food, clothing, health and beauty, services, wellness and Wellness and, lastly, leisure and entertainment segments.

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