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More and more, small businesses are looking for digital marketing solutions to leverage their business

As the world increasingly turns to online platforms, digital marketing tools are gaining more traction. Also because the market demands more agility from companies, which consequently need faster and more efficient tools to help them.

In other words, with digital marketing tools, it is possible to accelerate processes and handle a large amount of information. All this in order to achieve more results. If you want to know how to apply these solutions in your company, check the text in full and stay on top of the news on the market.

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What are digital marketing tools? 

Digital marketing tools are all those that can be used to leverage your business on the internet, such as free sales tools like Instagram, WhatsApp and telegram, advertising material production tools like Canva, audience analysis tools like google analytics, among others.  

They can act in various ways, whether focused on sales, as well as on analyzing the profile of the public.

The importance of digital marketing in small businesses

More and more, small businesses are looking for digital marketing solutions to leverage their business. Also because, as pointed out by the IBGE, Brazil already has over 132 million internet users. In other words, it is an essential tool for any type of company.

In this sense, digital marketing tools can be very well used by smaller entrepreneurs, as they allow investments of any amount. Therefore, for the small business, which has reduced income, investing in online advertising can be a way to achieve success in the market.

But for that, your company must have a plan regarding the measures to be taken in this regard. After all, most small businesses don’t have specialized marketing teams. So the best way is to try to research the concept and implement it yourself. And so build the action plan.

In this sense, build a persona for your brand. It will help you to identify who your target audience is, what they expect, how they relate, what are their pains and anxieties. By doing so, you will be prepared to serve them better. 

Social networks

The next step is to plan which channels your company will act on. Nowadays, it is practically essential that your brand is present on social networks. Also because, with each passing day, they have more users and are a free way to expose not only their products but any action of the company.


Above all, there are numerous actions that the entrepreneur can take to propagate his company. One is a good old e-mail. Today, electronic mail has resurfaced and has been an effective method of communication.


Finally, it is worth noting that if your business has some extra income, it is worth investing in digital marketing professionals. For example, freelancers, who generally charge per project and have a more competitive price. Or even some agencies with more affordable prices or startups that manage to sell this service in a more automated way.

Free Digital Marketing Tools

Canvas: the creation of materials for dissemination

The Canva is a platform that is being increasingly used today. After all, the site democratized access to quality graphic pieces. In other words, Canva is a website that allows anyone to create art for social networks, presentations, business cards and even outdoors. With an intuitive and step-by-step platform, people without any design knowledge can create several pieces.

WhatsApp: talk to your customers and sell

Although it seems obvious, many companies still don’t use WhatsApp to serve their customers. The use of the app is increasingly necessary because the younger audience tends to prefer the exchange of messages to a phone conversation. Therefore, make use of this tool to get closer and closer to your customers. Use WhatsApp as a service and advertising method as well.

Semrush: organic traffic through content

The SEMRush was used to analyze both the sponsored results, as organic. This is because the platform provides, free of charge, which are the best keywords for your business. In addition, the tool also allows the user to have a notion of the Cost Per Click, of the keyword they intend to use. That is, how much will you have to spend to advertise with that word. Another function of the platform is to allow the user to have an idea of ​​how other sites are communicating about the subject at hand.

Google Analytics: analysis of metrics that help your sales

In order to get a better sense of your company’s online presence, you need to analyze your network metrics. In other words, to understand what is working or not in the online world, it is worth using specific digital marketing tools for this. For example, Google AnalyticsAmong the benefits of using this type of platform, is mainly the understanding of who is the audience that visits your site.

Also because the tool analyzes the user and collects information such as age group, gender, marital status, and many others from its customers. This way your company can carry out more assertive marketing and sales strategies for its customers. 

Data is widely used to determine which line the company should focus efforts on. In short, it is clear that the use of digital marketing tools can be something very favourable to leverage a company.

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