How to create a QRcode for your business?

Did you know that QRcode was created in 1994 in Japan by a Toyota group company? This feature can be very useful for business. In this content, understand what QRcode is, the main benefits, how to use it in the company and tips for 3 platforms to create yours.

What is a QRcode and what are its business benefits?

The word QRcode is an acronym for “quick response”, which means “quick response code”. These are two-dimensional codes that store a great deal of information. When scanned, they can transmit them.

Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes can be read by cell phone cameras and also by free apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones.  QR codes, in short, can store links, text, music, videos, symbols, among other materials. With that, they provide several benefits to the business.

Initially, they were used in the automotive industry, which at the time was looking for a faster way to catalogue all the parts used in vehicle production. The pandemic was the period in which QR codes became popular in Pakistan, although they were already widely used in other markets, especially the Chinese, a few years ago.

QRcode benefits in the company

Using QRcode provides a number of business benefits. Understand what they are.

Receive payments

According to the Panorama Mobile Time/Opinion Box survey, approximately 48% of respondents, who totalled 2,000 Pakistani, have already performed a financial transaction via QRcode. This number corresponds to a growth of 13% since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Receiving payments through QRcode is a much simpler and faster way, in addition to contributing to measures to prevent contamination by Covid 19. After all, this feature does away with contact with the card machines, which can contribute to contagion.

Implement payment via QRcode in a simple way. For this, you can generate the codes for free and customers only need their cell phones to perform the reading.

It is noteworthy that it is also possible to make payment via QRcode online, just placing the code available on the website or sending it to the customer by email or message.

Promote products and services

QRcode can store a lot of important information at virtually no cost. This way, you can expose your company’s QRcode in various places, in order to publicize your products, services and promotions.

Conduct research

Conducting surveys to know your audience is very important. However, one of the obstacles is accessing the research itself.  Using the QRcode, just scan the code and that’s it: the search opens in a few seconds. However, be careful not to exaggerate the number and size of the questions.

Streamline service

Enough of finding the menu or catalogue and hoping that the customer doesn’t take so long, given that there are already others in the queue. The use of QR codes containing menus and catalogues greatly speeds up service. Thus, it is enough to make them available at strategic points of the establishment so that the customer can check them independently, without the need for an employee to help them.

Track the results

QRcode access data can be monitored through some data analysis toolsWith them, you can check how many people accessed your QRcode’s link and which pages were accessed, for example.  Generally, QRcode generators themselves bring this function. Get to know now the three ideal tools to generate yours without paying too much.

How to Create a QRcode: Know the Ideal Tools

QR Code Generator

QRcode Generator is a QRcode generator platform that has a paid and a free version. In addition, it also has many other benefits, which go beyond generating the code itself.

It allows, among other things, the tracking of various QRcode statistics, such as the number of code downloads for example.  To use it, it’s simple: go to the website, choose the type of file, enter the information, that is, the content that will be contained in your QRcode and, finally, download the code.

Now, just share it wherever you want.

Unitag QR

Unitag QR is another QRcode generator platform that has a free version, but it has a very important differential: with it, it is possible not only to generate the code but also to increment it. Thus, you can apply different formats, colours and styles, and you can customize the QRcode as you wish.

The paid version costs 100 euros a year and, on top of that, you can manage and track the codes. 

Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is a free QRcode generator app available for Android. Thus, with it, it is possible to create codes in up to 11 formats and even in the form of a bar code. The tool also includes a reader for cellphone cameras, is compatible with Android as of 2.3.

Always keep an eye on trends 

Above all, the use of QRcode became more famous during the period of the pandemic, in view of the safety recommendations for the prevention of Covid-19. An example of this was the suspension of the use of physical menus, causing restaurants to opt for this feature.

Before the pandemic, many companies did not use QRcode or even envision their use in business. Therefore, the main tip is to always keep an eye on trends, not only related to your business, but also the market as a whole. As well as QRcode, which maybe you didn’t know that much, there can be several other important features that can help with your business processes.

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